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We train every Monday (20:15 - 22:15) and Thursday (20:15 - 22:15) at the Staines boat club, see below for directions.

See our blog for more up to date information. Please note we do not train on bank holidays (see calendar)


If you are a newcomer and wish to participate, and we would always encourage it, just wear loose fitting clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt. Because of the nature of Jujitsu we would advise you to not wear anything expensive as clothes can be easily ripped.

Should you decide to continue with your training you will need to purchase a Jujitsu/Judo Gi. Gi's enable you to practice throws and other moves more safely. Please note that Jujitsu/Judo gi's are made of a tougher material than karate-style gi's, which may not be strong enough to withstand being thrown around. A full suit should cost no more than £30-40 and we can recommend a local retailer.

As we do not practice full contact punch/kicks a gum shield and 'box' are not necessary.


As a matter of personal safety, for both yourself and those that you will train with, you must keep your finger and toe nails cut short. Likewise you must remove all items of jewellery before getting on the mats.

We advise that you drink plenty before training, rather than having to drink whilst training, however during the summer you should bring water with you as it can get very hot.


Your first lesson is free. Should you decide to continue your training, each session after that costs £5. We 'pay as you train', you only pay for the sessions you participate in. Money raised goes towards the cost of hiring the training area. We are a non-profit club, the instructors are not paid to teach and any surplus cash is spent on the club.

There is also an annual payment of £20 for insurance.


28 Riverside drive
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